Fashion is the way of life

Fashion is the way of life. The justification of above statement could be considered as the living behaviors of humans. In history the people of different regions of the world were identified by their culture whereas culture is fashion. Each region has different set of values that develop fashion.

As the environment is dynamic and diversified the era of fashion evolved as well. As we go in the past of our subcontinent the place where we stand today in fashion upgraded as the time passed. The main boost of fashion in subcontinent was happened after the invade of British, because we tried to adapt their culture but as our norms and values differs from them we cultivated our own fashion sense with respect to the culture we had.

The competition ratio also increased with the passage of time. New products trend and techniques were came into being which as a whole known as Fashion Industry. As the demand of consumer changed with the passage of time most brans came into being with the primary motto of doing business and having a secondary motto of providing new trends and innovation in their respected departments. Technology has also played a vital role in improvising fashion industry with the passage of time.

The internet made us global village and everything is available on internet caused public from different demographics to learns more about other regions of the world and know more about their culture and fashion and help them to bring out something new from their methods of fashion to implement on theirs. Thai is one of the reasons of trends. So we can say that as the human history evolved the fashion industry also evolved and became more dynamic and diversified which made brands and trends more effective and efficient.

So in today’s environment one can not wish to live without fashion in order to progress in life.


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